Holy Cross President to Blog About Ignatian Pilgrimage

From June 9-17, Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., president of the College of the Holy Cross, will lead a pilgrimage to visit sites in Spain and Rome that are significant in the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits. Accompanied by about 30 members from the College’s Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, and senior leadership team, the group will share a lived experience of early Jesuit history and Ignatian thought. The pilgrimage — which dozens of Holy Cross faculty and administrators have previously embarked upon — is designed to enrich the understanding of the College’s Jesuit mission, and provide new perspectives on the distinctive place of Holy Cross in higher education today.

Bookmark this site to follow along on the pilgrimage, and share reflections and experiences from Fr. Boroughs and other participants.

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5 Responses to “Holy Cross President to Blog About Ignatian Pilgrimage”

  1. Jim Howard '80 says:

    My wife Bren and I made our second visit to Manresa just last month (sneaking away from a Bank Board trip in Barcelona). The Cave, representing the true beginning of Ignatius’ amazing spiritual journey, is an amazing place.

    As you “formalize” this pilgrimage, especially for lay staff I hope you will continue to publish it widely. It is worthy of endowment at Jesuit High Schools and lower schools. We are very active at St. Francis in Arizona. Our informal pilgrimage to Rome and Spain was a small group with Dan Sullivan for his 50th as a Jesuit.

    The mysticism of the Cave was 1522, I think. Is there a plan for the 500th Anniversary? Could this be a Crusader led inititative around scholarship etc?

    Very best regards to you.

    • Rick Patterson says:

      Hi classmate!
      Thanks for posting a note Jim. We had an amazing afternoon in Loiola, visiting the birthplace of St Ignatius. Fr Boroughs said a mass for us in the castle of his birth , in the room of his spiritual conversion. The spiritual tree, of which we are the leaves on the outer branches, was planted and is firmly rooted here. Off to Montserrat and Manresa tomorrow.

  2. bob foley 62 says:

    the best to you on the way.

  3. Joe Feldhaus says:

    I was a Pilgrim last year with several of my colleagues from Xavier University and our new friends from Holy Cross, Marquette and Loyola Maryland. This Ignatian Pilgrimage was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I hope it is as well for you and your Companions. Joe

  4. Suzanne Morrissey says:

    I have just returned from the staff/faculty pilgrimage and am enjoying seeing and reading about the sites I’ve recently come to love through your eyes, Fr. Boroughs. I hope you have smooth travels as we did, and lots of sunshine.