Final Reflections From the Pilgrimage

On our last evening, we gathered to share our experiences and reflections before our farewell dinner in Rome.

“When I started this trip, I didn’t know what to expect. I have had 8 years of Jesuit education and I always understood its roots to be founded in academic rigor and discipline, I had no sense of the spiritual roots. This trip has made me realize more clearly what the Jesuit mission is really all about. It has deepened my connection to the school and given me greater insight into the value of my investment.”

“I know that building a new Retreat Center is an institutional priority for the school. Now I understand its importance to our mission — it is an imperative.”

“The homilies have been so wonderful. The week has supercharged our spiritual battery!”

“The gatherings and the masses were empowering and inspirational. I have a greater appreciation for how your spirit feeds the rest of your life.”

“I married into the Holy Cross family and until now, I didn’t really understand what the bond and connection was to the school and to each other. Now I know what makes this community so special and I have a greater respect for the value of this transformational kind of education. ”

“I feel like we have been given such a grace. The prayer and the gratitude have been so powerful.”

“When I was at Holy Cross, we never learned about the life of St. Ignatius. This trip brings everything full circle. We see how he lived his life and why he made the choices he made. His journey and his teachings are reflected in the kind of education we provide for our students. We teach them reflection. We teach them compassion. We teach them discipline. We teach them to serve the world with their talents.”

“Being in the room where Ignatius experienced his conversion was almost overwhelming. He went from being a warrior to being a deeply spiritual man. How did he do it? Why did he do it? He changed the world.”

“This trip felt like a cleansing. It allowed us to take time from our work and our daily responsibilities and focus on our own spiritual lives. At the same time, we learned new things about each other and our school. We now have a greater appreciation for what JESUIT means.”

“I loved the fact that we all took our own journeys on this trip. For some, it was educational. For some, it was spiritual. For all of us, it was very grounding.”

“At the beginning of the trip, you see how Ignatius has given his life over to service and to God, and you think how can I ever be like him? Then you realize that being like Ignatius is not about a wholesale change in your life — it’s about understanding that one small thing can make a difference.”

“To have five Jesuits on our trip was wonderful. You shared your family story with us and we are so grateful to have experienced this with you. It does help all of us realize that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.”

“Ignatius was focused on the salvation of souls; he could see the presence of God in people. On this trip, his spirit has woven us together.”

“I am more deeply committed to ensuring that the values of a Holy Cross education remain rooted in our Jesuit heritage. It is so important for our students and graduates to understand this side of our story. We alumni who will go out and change the world and that gives me enormous pride.”

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  1. bob foley says:

    a job well done